Our guest on episode 5 is BellGab.com community creator and podcaster Michael Vandeven.  He is host of several podcasts on Ufoship.com: The Gabcast, and Michael Vandeven’s Radio Trainwreck.  We discuss how Michael became an Art Bell fan and the genesis of the website now famous to listeners of Midnight in the Desert. Michael and callers give their views on the current state of MiTD as well as Art’s situation.

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2 comments on “Episode 5 – Michael Vandeven and BellGab.com

  1. Dindu Nuttin Jan 26, 2016

    going to listen now.
    please make a new show about the latest art bell threats vs bellgab.
    and stuff.

  2. Unfortunately I did not find your show The BellPhiles until after you stopped broadcasting. I love every episode you did. I was shocked as to what happened and feel for Art Bell as you two do. I wish you would start the Bellphiles back up. Like you guys said there are all kinds of material to cover from Art’s years of broadcasting to get you started, but your talented enough to create your own stuff in this genre to attract a solid following. I would be there with you if you do. If not I still loved the few episodes you did do and will carry them in my listening devices until I am abducted and brainwashed into only listening to NPR. Thanks for the great content. Pops