On Episode 4 of the BellPhiles jazmunda and themudking talk with Bill Birnes about the history of UFO’s as well as a wide range of topics on the subject.  We learned about the early relationship between Bill and Lt. Col. Philip J Corso and how it led to the writing of book The Day After Roswell and to researching the topic at a deeper level.

The History Channel show UFO Hunters was also discussed, as we dig into how the show worked and whether there may be more to come.   Watch Bill on Dr. Feelgood on the Reelz network Saturday Dec. 19th, click here for more info.  Listen to his show Future Theater Monday nights at 10pm Eastern on Dark Matter Digital Network

We wrap up with a quick call in session with the community to talk about where we stand in the Art Bell / Midnight in the Desert show’s future.


Book’s mentioned on the show:

The Life and Times of Mickey Rooney – Amazon

The Day After Roswell – Amazon

Dr. Feelgood – Amazon

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