So it begins.  Our first episode is a look back at the classic Area 51 caller.  There is also a discussion of week 19 of Art Bell’s Midnight in the Desert.  Review of the drama unfolding around the outside of Bell’s home and studio.  Jazmunda, themudking, and callers recount their early experiences listening to Art Bell. Topics run.  Find out if the Area 51 caller was real and compare clips from the first call and later calls from people staking their claim as the ‘original’.

Let us know what you think on twitter: @thebellphiles by using hashtag #area51caller.

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2 comments on “The BellPhiles Episode 1 – Area 51 caller and week 19 wrap up

  1. Tom Brokaw Nov 30, 2015

    This is the finest podcast I’ve ever heard.

  2. Great show! You guys have a great thing going and I hope the momentum continues to build. Looking forward to the the next podcast. I hope that you guys find time for a segment in the future to talk about Elaine & her East Texas Bigfoot. That was a classic show that needs further discussion.

    And by the by, I think I can safely say that the majority of us at #dmtalk do not have any rivalry with Bellgab. A lot of us there are gabbers too. It’s just a different platform to interact. Anyone who supports Art is good in our books, either “vaguely lovable” or “sometimes rotten to the core”…

    Keep up the good work. -Cheers!